The One with Her First Bag


Why hello! Updating because a good reader has sent in a query telling me she misses my little girl. So touched! This is for you, sweet anonymous ;) Anyway, I actually have quite a few Mommy posts up in queue that I never get around to finalizing because I am easily distracted and have been attending to a few things recently. Don’t worry, moving forward I wish to update this section at least twice-thrice a week.

For this one, I’ll share some post-event photos of Selene and I when we attended the SM Kids Summer Collection launch a few weeks back. Photos of the event will be on an entirely new post because I’ve lots of images with cute kids wearing bright, floral, surf-y and all kinds of summery outfits.


The little one is in full-on toddler mode – wanting to explore the world around her and just run all around. It’s all fun and excitement until we want to put her in her stroller and she goes berserk because she hates that thing. Since birth, she has always hated being put in her stroller – we tried the cry out method which didn’t work ‘cos we always ended up carrying her.

Fast forward a year and two months, she’s developed a preference that we can’t seem to change. How to deal! I see babies and kids everywhere perfectly relaxed and calm in their strollers but not this one. She is fidgety, just waiting for the perfect time to complain which is around 10-15 minutes.


No babies were harmed during this lifting session. And I’ve just divulged my workout secret ;)


Her cute Melissa shoes were a gift from my Aunt-in-law! It’s so pretty, I want one too. Her pants are from Mothercare during one of my Mom’s shopping sprees for Selene. And the top is from Gingersnaps, from one of my shopping sprees for Selene. LOL. Her beautiful bag is a gift from one of her sweet godmothers Nica, who bought it as a birthday gift. It’s her first bag ever and I giggle every time she carries it on her arm like how I carry my handbags.

I’ve to share: I’ve lost all interest in buying new clothes for myself since I got pregnant but have revived it once I gave birth to Selene. I swear I’ve more fun dressing her up and spending on clothes for her than I ever did shopping for myself. Kids clothes are definitely a good business venture because there are moms like me who are willing to spend on them. Php1,000+ on a super-small top or pair of jeans? I can’t say no.


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  • Raven Ang

    Awwww Selene is such a cutie pie! Would love to meet her one day. :) She is so rockin that bag!! ;)

  • Marjorie Gavan

    Your girl is getting big! And yeah those are some cute shoes she’s wearing.

  • Matromao

    That is the cutest tiny bag ever. Little Fashionista. :))

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