The One Where She’s Almost Two!?

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I can’t believe I haven’t updated this section for 7 months! WHAT. Such a waste of precious blog space and interesting anecdotes I could have written about – trust me, there were a lot. Sentimental moments where I couldn’t believe she’s achieved this and this milestone – as well as frustrating moments where I just wanted to bang my head on the wall. Being a mom certainly puts you through a rollercoaster ride – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. I could go on and on about how motherhood is treating me but I suppose I should  break those thoughts into separate entries.

At present, Selene is officially 1 year and 10 months. She’ll be turning the big (and terrible!) two on January 26th – which I have yet to plan for. We weren’t really able to plan her 1st birthday last year (which until now I feel guilty about because it seems 1st birthday parties nowadays SHOULD be grand!). This one will probably be a simple and intimate one (again) but hopefully a themed and more organized one compared to last year’s. We’ll see – hopefully, everything pans out well!

Major Milestones:

1. At 1 year and 6 months, this little girl has memorized the alphabet song. Two weeks later, we learn that she can associate at least one word each for all the letters of the alphabet (a is for apple, b is for ball, etc.) Love that her N word is newt and her K is kangaroo. I’ve a video of her conversation with Enzo on my Facebook and it’s an entertaining watch. The first song she learned was “Bahay Kubo” taught by her grandma (she sang it before she turned 1 year 6 months).

2. She can count up to ten continuously – and then she’ll be jumbling her eleven to twenty afterwards. She knows the rainbow colors (primary and secondary except for indigo!). She can name almost all the basic shapes as well (she can’t pronounce rectangle properly though). Enzo and I were stunned when we asked her about the “diamond” shape – she says “diamond” but then tilts her head sideways and says, “square!”.

3. At 1 year 8 months, she can communicate what she wants almost perfectly – by that I mean, Enzo and I don’t have a hard time guessing what she wants to happen. “Mom, eat baby please. Baby hungry.” or “Mom, meme (milk) please, timpla (mix).”

4. She’s very outgoing with other kids/toddlers but very shy with adults she’s not familiar with. However, she can catch the name of anyone you introduce to her even if you mention it only once. The next time she sees them (either in person or through a photo), she’ll randomly blurt out their names.

5. She also knows the concept of others getting mad (she tells her Grandma to put back her uncle’s stuff in their proper place or else he might get mad), having to clean up after her mess (toys, food, even vomit – she says “linis kalat, mom”), putting things back where they belong after she’s done with it, giving back things that aren’t hers (her cousin’s toys, mom’s lipsticks, LOL).

This all sounds good and dandy, noh? Until we realized that a toddler this feisty usually means she’ll fight for what she wants because she knows she can communicate it well and that we understand what she’s saying. Oh dear Lord, terrible twos, here we go.

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  • Krisella Chua

    they grow up so fast!

    • Shari

      Super! During the first few months, parang shucks ang tagal pa nito but then suddenly, without realizing it – they’re toddlers na agad. Relishing every minute of her innocence! :)

  • Erika Rhane

    What a smart little girl you have! AHHH now I’m getting really excited. So close to my due date!

  • sairiel

    amazing!! i better get my baby learning now! #14months :)

  • Katrina

    I read you use the word “timpla” are you guys by any means from Iloilo or Negros?

    Curious Little Kat

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