The One Where She Picked Out Her Own Shoes


It’s been a while since I updated my mommy blog as I am sorely behind on posts in my main one that I couldn’t even open my dashboard for this one even if I have much to share here, too. I was able to make some layout changes, though – which I spent almost 6 hours on without realizing.  Anyway, watch this space as I do have a lot to share in the coming days!

For this entry, spotlight is on the milestone that is Selene picking her own shoes! I still get to dress her without qualms from her side but I coudln’t believe that when I picked out a white pair to go with this dress, she shaked her head, went ahead to grab this pink pair of croc-like Adidas, handed it to me and sat on my lap and waited for me to put the shoes on. 3b

At first, I didn’t want to put them on because it certainly didn’t match her floral dainty dress. And second, it’s a pair I proclaimed as her ‘indoor walking shoes’ because CROCS. LOL! Her grandma bought her these back when she didn’t yet have a pair that wasn’t slippy-slidey.64

This little girl is definitely becoming more and more ‘independent’ each day. I would definitely be a little sad if time comes when she’ll be picking out what to wear herself. Please Selene, you have all your years as a teen and an adult to experiment with fashion. Let Mommy dress you a little bit longer for now, please?

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  • Janine Ella Anongos

    Awww thisis just sooo cute and sweet <3

    • Shari

      Thanks Ella! :*

  • Marie

    She’s adorable! BTW, congratulations on your feature in Celebrity Mom magazine as blog of the month!

    • Shari

      Hi Marie! Thank you and THANK YOU for letting me know about the Celebrity Month mini-feature! :-) Grabbed an issue yesterday and was surprised to see myself. Hihi. THANKS SO MUCH! :-)

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