Mommy’s Little Helper

makeupbaby2makeupbaby copy

The reason I take +1 hour in photographing blog products most of the time.
My baby girl showing early signs of makeup addiction interest at 9 months.

I love how she’s surrounded with baby toys, musical instruments, the whole bebe shebang.
Yet she crawls towards me in excitement to fiddle with my makeup.
It’s confirmed, you guys  —  she really is my daughter.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet as I’m working on our Cebu trip entry, which I intended to post yesterday but got sidetracked. Maintaining two blogs is kinda hard. I wonder how long I can keep up with this. Hah!

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  • Emae

    Wow Ate Shari! I noticed something was new on your blog – TMD on your menu – and I’m glad I clicked that link! Haha! Your baby is such a cutiepatootie! Gosh! Look at ‘em rolls! Hahahaha!

    • admin

      Hi Emae! Thanks for visiting, ha. I actually hadn’t publicized this yet and just put it on the menu. Thanks for dropping by, though. And yes, grabe ang rolls niya!! Hihi. Matakaw eh!

  • Victoria

    Omg she is super cute and adorable and I just want to squish her but I won’t cuz she’s too adorbz to be squished but I still want to kagigil errrr!! Hahaha di ako makaget-over cutieeeeee!!

    • admin

      Hi V!!! I’ll let you squeeze her thighs! :) Hehe!

  • Eileen

    Super cute!! <3

    • admin

      Thanks Eileen! :*

  • shayne

    ahaha she’s SUPPERR cute!!! its so refreshing and nice naman to read posts like this from you shari :)

  • Linda

    LOL! My BOY is the same!!! Everytime I unveil a new brush, he grabs it and starts “mopping” the floors / tables with it! And yes, surrounded by all manners of toys, he’d crawl over to where mommy is trying to photograph in the sun!

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