Cebu Trip – Nalusuan Island

n6BHi to the few who know about this part of my blog! Ill be sharing a few photos of our Cebu vacation last Christmas. In this entry, spotlight is on our day trip to a remote island called Nalusuan. From Mactan Island, it’s a 45-minute trip by boat, in our case – yacht!

A good friend of my dad offered to show us around the island that day. The island isn’t particularly huge, the photo above shows its entirety, so we expected nothing but the sweet sound of waves crashing and leaves whistling while delighting in a fresh seafood-filled lunch under the sun.

Nalusuan is a quiet, small island that boasts of rich and diverse marine life. The sandbar is gorgeous, although it disappears during lunch time when it reaches high tide. So as soon as we landed (around 11am), we ran over to it away.

It’s a calm, serence place to just take in the sights, breathe the clean unpolluted air and listen to the beautiful cacophony of birds, waves and winds surrounding the island.

n15 n9n8 n10 n11n1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA n12 n13 n14 

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Would love to hear your thoughts!

  • Nix

    Selene looks so healthy. Plus her tiny teeth are so cute!! What a water baby. :D

  • Eileen

    I literally lol-ed when I read the last caption under your pretty mom’s photo! So funny I probably would be screaming too if all the fish went to me & my mom was just giggling there hahaha :))))

  • Ella

    I’m living in Mactan yet I have not gone to Nalusuan yet! :(
    Lovely photos Misty Mom!
    Hope to see you in person when you go back here in Cebu! :)

    Maybe I can let my baby boy meet your baby girl? Hahaha

    • admin

      Hi Ella!
      Sure next time we go, we can definitely have a play date for our babies! Looking forward to that!

  • Emae

    Ate Shari, why you so sexy!!!!!! Gosh, may anak ka na nyan ha! Ako wala pa but I look as if I have kids. Hahahahaha! I wanna visit this place din. And your bebe’s so kyot!!!! What a sweetheart <3

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