The One Where She’s Almost Two!?


I can’t believe I haven’t updated this section for 7 months! WHAT. Such a waste of precious blog space and interesting anecdotes I could have written about – trust me, there were a lot. Sentimental moments where I couldn’t believe she’s achieved this and this milestone – as well as frustrating moments where I just Read More

The One Where We Escaped the City


Last week, we took a day out of the city to breathe some unpolluted Tagaytay air. We were supposed to go swimming but it was a bit chilly so decided against it at the last minute. We ended up going The Cliffhouse and eating ice cream and my favorite crepe from Cafe Breton instead. Selene Read More

The One with Her First Bag


Why hello! Updating because a good reader has sent in a query telling me she misses my little girl. So touched! This is for you, sweet anonymous Anyway, I actually have quite a few Mommy posts up in queue that I never get around to finalizing because I am easily distracted and have been attending Read More

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